About Me

Artist. Visionary. Creator of  acrylic pieces  that share a mix of spiritual perception of life in art, beauty and dark subconscious. My pieces range from landscaped messages of the world around us and prisons that we put ourselves into mentally. I really love creating colors on canvas by mixing colors until they blend with different size brushstrokes that show dimension and make the eye wander. A huge concept to me is a painting with a meaning. Life has meaning; life is art and that should have meaning as well. I don’t have a pin pointed technique, I should know when I envision a piece I want to  create I know exactly how it has to be done, down to the size of the canvas. It’s just important to me that the buyer/ collector of my piece(s) to know that what you purchase is the message. Every message that I create is what I strive to put out in the world with intention to touch the eye(s) and heart of the beholder.